St Edmund’s Church, Crickhowell NP8 1BB

Sunday 9th July 2017 at 6:00pm

For one night only, the good ship Pinafore has docked. So if you are yearning to sail the ocean blue, come and join the crew for a voyage full of infectious tunes and sparkling libretto as it navigates the choppy waters of love across the class divide.

Premiered in 1878, HMS Pinafore was Gilbert & Sullivan’s first ‘blockbuster’ hit, and their nautically-themed tale of star-crossed lovers has been delighting audiences ever since. Lowly tar Ralph Rackstraw and Captain Corcoran’s daughter, Josephine, have fallen in love, most inconveniently, since Josephine is pledged to the First Sea Lord, no less. Their future together seems doomed until a remarkable revelation shipwrecks the Captain’s plans and allows Ralph and Josephine to sail happily off into the sunset.

Laced with a liberal measure of saucy satire, Gilbert’s timeless libretto pokes good-natured fun at patriotism, party politics and pompous incompetents in positions of power. So if you want some rollicking adventure to raise your spirits, climb aboard!