Having regard for all the information that is currently available concerning the Covid-19 virus, and having taken medical advice, we have decided to cancel the forthcoming Music Festival. There are too many uncertainties attaching to the spread of the virus and the duty of care that we have to both our audience and our own members must be observed.

We hope to be able to stage the Festival in some form later in the year, subject to the progress of the virus and to the availability of soloists, musicians and venues. Updates will be posted as and when available.

Refunds will be offered for all tickets purchased, both online and paper sales. For tickets purchased online, this will be refunded automatically. For tickets purchased in Webbs and other sales outlets, a refund will be provided on presentation of the tickets purchased. For tickets purchased by Patrons via the Patrons Secretary, these will also be refunded as soon as possible by Jan.

This is the first time that we have had to cancel a Festival and we are all very disappointed but we hope to be back singing soon!